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How to Shoot Penalties in FIFA 18 

After knowing which are the best players in FIFA 18 now is the time to start taking advantage and for this you must ensure that they are the most accurate when facing the goal. One of the most delicate moments that a player must face in his professional life are those decisive penalties, and in FIFA 18 there is no exception in this regard.

To score penalties in FIFA 18 you will need to learn the technique that opens with this delivery, which in general has been simplified compared to last year's iteration although it requires a procedure to not miss a single shot.

On the procedure of how to score penalties in FIFA 18 we will talk about it next taking into account: the positioning of the player, the direction of the shot, the power we exercise and even how we decided to face the final race towards the ball.

How to shoot penalties in FIFA 18 and score a goal

If you wonder how to throw penalties in FIFA 18 here you have the solution, but first you should know that with respect to last year's edition it will no longer be necessary to control the FIFA 18 players career before the coup, although we can influence it.

Player's position

With the right joystick we can position the player in front of the ball, being able to place something closer to the ball, further away, in front of it or arched to either side. Depending on the position we can influence the shot that is made, taking into account the parameters of the player that you got with FIFA 18 Coins from transfer market.

In general, by default, the player is already positioned in a suitable situation with respect to its parameters, although you can always change this position to change strategy, although at your own risk.